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Christopher & Campbell Janis

Testimonial From: Christopher & Campbell Janis

Christopher & Campbell Janis

My name is MSG Janis, Christopher of the US Army, and I am from Florida. I am an active duty Infantryman and have been for 17 years. I have served in 101st Airborne Division, Operations Group JRTC, 10th Mountain Division and am currently the Senior Military Science Instructor at the University of Iowa Army ROTC. I have done five tours between Iraq and Afghanistan for a total of 50 months. I moved to Iowa in May 2019 and have since met a lot of great people.

At my son Campbell’s wrestling banquet in March for the Big Game Wrestling Club I met Turkey Reapers Jeremy McCarty who invited me and my son to a veteran and youth turkey hunt on his farm during Iowa’s 4th season. What an amazing time we had! We had a father son double the first day’s evening, killing two great birds (Campbell’s 2nd Turkey).

The experience though from Mr. McCarty and his crew is what made it a great time. This is one of the best experiences I have had with the hunting, breaking bread, and just hanging out. We met a load of great people who were welcoming and made it a great time. We don’t join the military and do what we do as Soldiers for any kind of acknowledgement, but it sure is welcoming to come across people such as Giving Back Outdoors, Turkey Reapers and Chasing the Rut, they truly love our country and the great outdoors. I could not think of a more fitting name than Giving Back Outdoors and what they do, as well as all the farmers and people who support their cause daily. Thank you so much for a great time and experience I will never forget. It’s not everyday you get a father son double on the first day of camp. I would recommend this event to any veteran or youth it offered too and to anyone who is looking to support a great cause, this is it!

Again, thanks to everyone who had a hand in this and put in the support that goes into it. I look forward for the opportunity of hanging out with this team if ever given another chance.

Sincerely, Christopher and Campbell Janis

Giving Back Outdoors, My name is Campbell Janis and I wrestle for Big Game Wrestling Club with Coach Dylan Carew. My dad, Chris is in the Army, and we move around a little bit. We moved to Iowa last year. At our wrestling banquet we got asked to come to Giving Back Outdoors youth turkey hunt with Jeremy McCarty. We went to camp on Friday and hunted on Saturday. We did not kill anything in the morning. Later during day, we went back into some hills and Mr. Jeremy crawled me around to get into the turkeys. There were two big ones. I shot it at 15 yards. It was awesome! My dad filmed it. I had a lot of fun at camp and there was good food. I made a friend Boone. It is a guarantee to see turkeys. Thank you for a great time and letting me come down, Giving Back Outdoors.

Campbell Janis


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