Dusty Fortin

I wanted to say thank you to Matt and Ben and all of the men and women at Giving Back Outdoors. Additionally, I would like to thank Jeff and Melissa for the experience at Home Stake Trout Club, Rich, Barry, Tim and all of the other fishing partners and friends on this trip. All of the food was fantastic, from the breakfast burritos to Elk Tacos, to a hearty sack lunch on a river catching trout staring at snow capped mountains. The trip was a great time.

The trip was a large success and there were benefits to all of the Vets and hopefully everyone else. Personally I loved eating meals together with the group. Meals at the 10th Mountain Huts were a wonderful part of the trip.

One thing we did informally was stay up and share experiences which I feel was just a benefit that naturally happened. Maybe the next group can dedicate essentially a few hours each evening to share, decompress, just chat with the other vets. The time we spent hanging out with all of our fishing guides, GBO, and Jeff and Melissa was time well spent too, If the fishing guides and volunteers could come up for a camp side fire chat in the first few nights, it would be great to be able to spend more time talking with them as well.

Again, thank you so much. I very much enjoyed the entire thing.


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