Andrew Metelski

I joined the Marines in 2003 as a combat engineer. Due to an injury sustained in boot camp, I was medically separated in November 2004. After my separation, I moved to Arizona where I found my self falling in with a really bad crowd of people. One day in 2005, I crashed a motorcycle resulting in a broken collarbone and I found myself reevaluating my life to which I said I will go back in the Marine Corps. After nine times being denied, I was accepted back into the Marine Corps and reenlisted as an Infantry Machine Gunner. As an infantry Machine Gunner, I would deploy three times with the 2nd Battalion 4th Marines. From 2009-12, I would be a member of the 1st Battalion 5th Marines where I would deploy one time. In 2012, I became an instructor with Marine Corps Security Forces and would medically retire in November 2014. Deployments: Iraq as part of the Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) 15: 2006-2007, Okinawa, Japan 31st MEU  2007-2008, 11 MEU Kuwait 2009 and Afghanistan 2011. Personnel Awards include Purple Heart, Marine Corps Commendation Medal with V and three Good Conduct Medals.

My experience with Giving Back Outdoors was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Jeremy is an outstanding hunter and a great person to be around. This hunt was my first time ever and I had a great time going after the bull we took down. Opening day we moved into a covered position and waited. After two hours of sitting in an ambush position, hands frozen, and legs asleep a six point bull appeared. Seeing this majestic beast for the first time my heart began to race and breathing became heavy. As I fogged up the scope and attempted to make a 550 yard shot, I took a deep breath, I squeezed the trigger missing slightly high over the back. As I watched this great animal walk away I felt embarrassed that I missed that shot. Jeremy made me feel better and after a good breakfast he took me out to shoot ducks. Monday we attempted another try. Setting back into the same position we waited but had no success at taking a shot. Again that night we tried again and again no success. Tuesday morning came around and we moved back into position but the elk had already moved. But the tracker Jeremy is, he knew right where they would be moving toward. After racing to the next position, Jeremy spotted two bulls eating and moving toward the forest. Using cover, Jeremy maneuvered us over 25 acres into a position where we could make a shot. Once in position, Jeremy spotted, ranged, and we set the scope to take the shot. As I squeezed the trigger, the round broke and I hit the target. As the bull looked around trying to figure out what just happened to him, I reloaded, regained my sight picture and took a second shot and a beautiful 4X5 bull elk laid down. I had just successfully shot my first elk at 618 yards. This was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for people like Jeremy who have a heart to help veterans heal, and find enjoyment in hunting. This experience was life changing and has been an inspiration to me to move forward in getting into hunting. Thank you to Giving Back Outdoors.


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