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Alec Lahr

Testimonial From: Alec Lahr

Alec Lahr

Hunting is not just a hobby of mine, it’s a passion. Every year I always go to the Iowa Deer Classic to check out some of the deer that were taken that season and previous seasons. I walk around the show to see what new products companies are trying to promote. I always check out booths that interest me when I walk by them.

I went to the Tactacam booth and they had a free raffle to win a free turkey hunt during Youth Season in Iowa. So I put my name in the raffle. Sunday night after the classic I was sitting down in our living room watching the outdoor channel, then the phone rang. I answered the phone and it was Jeremy McCarty. He told me that I had won the Youth turkey hunt. He said I could bring my brothers, too. So we decided where we were going to stay for the weekend.

So youth turkey opened on a Friday. We left after school Thursday with all of our camo and guns. We arrived just in time to eat supper with Jeremy. So we ate and decided when he was going to come and get us. In the morning two of my brothers went with helper Nate Roth and my younger brother and I went with Jeremy.

In the morning they were gobbling but we couldn’t get them to come in. My brothers that went with Nate doubled up. So me and my younger brother Emmett drove around with Jeremy looking for one to reap. After many tries reaping one we couldn’t find one to play the game. We ate lunch and went back out. We tried a few more reaps but they still were a little shy. We drove by a tom with some hens so we thought we could try it. So we started going down a ditch toward the tom. We called a little bit so the tom would know that there is another hen around. Right after we called there were two other toms around. So walked out of the ditch with the reaper up and the gun ready. About 10 seconds after we walked out of the ditch Jeremy told me to get ready he’s coming. So right after that, tom came right up the ditch and was within 10 feet. I put my bead on his head and pulled the trigger.

The tom dropped right their deader than a doornail. Let’s just say that he didn’t have much of a head left. So we put the tag on it and went to town. We got pictures and cleaned the birds while Emmett and Jeremy were looking for another bird. Emmett didn’t end up getting one but we had a great time hunting and meeting new friends.

Hunting isn’t just killing or filling your tag. It’s more than that. It is having fun with friends, failing and succeeding, and making new friends. Hunting is year round work to get a prize at the end.


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